WSW - 247.5°

Force 1, Light Air
1.0 m/s (2.2 mph)

1.7 m/s (3.8 mph)

Average Wind Speed:
3.3 mph
Maximum Wind Gust:
25.1 mph @ 00:04



Temp: 2.7°C
Humidity: 99%

Windchill: 2.7°C
Apparent Temp: 0.4°C
Dew Point: 2.6°C
Day Average: 4.6 °C

Maximum Temperature:
2.7 °C @ 10:10
Minimum Temperature:
2.5 °C @ 08:59

Relative Pressure

1006.9 hPa


Maximum Pressure:
1006.9 hPa @ 10:12
Minimum Pressure:
993.6 hPa @ 00:06


Rainfall (h): 0.0 mm
Rainfall (d): 2.1 mm
Rainfall (m): 91.5 mm

Cloud Base: 17.7m (58.0ft)

Portree Webcam

Portree Webcam

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The information displayed here is an indication of the current and historic weather at my location in Portree. This information should not be used to make important decisions. For comprehensive weather forecasts, warnings and information please see the info page.